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AWAKE n Networks was founded in February 2014, as a way to create a local culture around
Spirit n Health n Education in Reno, Sparks Carson and Tahoe.
Our mission is to bridge and connect the Movement, Massage, Medical, Mind n Spirit Practitioners and Teachers to each other and to those who are seeking them.

We are accomplishing this mission through both online and brick and mortar platforms.

The online support includes:

     4 Directories on the AWAKE n Networks Website:
The brick n mortar support (the AWAKE n Networks Center in Reno) offers:

A developing group at the AWAKE n Networks Center is the Aston Kinetics Cooperative (2019).
This group of massage and movement practitioners was created to provide additional trust and support for clients using a common language and education of Aston Kinetics.

A massage client wants to go to a movement class, but is scared because of physical concerns. The Massage Therapist, having a shared vocabulary and education with the
Movement Practitioner, is able to describe the client’s primary physical limitations to the
Movement Practitioner reducing the fear of the client to take the class.

Example In reverse:
The Movement Practitioner might refer a student to a Massage Therapist because a physical limitation is preventing them from benefiting from the movements in the class reducing the student’s discouragement from continuing with the movement class.
It’s a win-win-win (client - massage therapist - movement therapist).

*the Aston Kinetics Cooperative Website coming soon

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