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Adrienne Hardt - Host of Health Speakers Night

Adrienne Hardt has been using massage as her healing modality for 25 years. To the hands-on aspect of her work she adds a spiritual element of psychic/intuitive recognition of strengths and blocks in a client's path, and a picture of what the future could look like.

She is now entering the ar
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Allison Sagewind - Aston Kinetics

Instructor of Aston Kinetics / Aston-Patterning
from Reno NV

Allison Sagewind has been in the health profession for 3O years. She began her career as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. She blended the following integrative therapies into her medical foundation: Myofascial release, Craniosa
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Deanna Lyons - Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT "Tapping"

As a sister, daughter, wife, mother, and entrepreneur, I’m able to capitalize on those experiences. I couple them with my intuition and formal training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), as a PAUSE Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner to provide a powerful combination Show More
Molly Dahl - Positive Psychology Meditation

Instructor of Meditation and Positive Psychology
from Carson City NV

Molly Dahl has been teaching the principles of spiritual living for the past 28 years. She has a rich and varied background of spiritual training coupled with a wide range of real-life experiences and practices that make her te
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Patricia Whitebuffalo
Sue Cacibauda - Brennan "Hands of Light"

Instructor of Hands of Light and
Founder of Surgery Preparation in 5 Easy Steps
from Reno NV

A registered nurse (for four decades), Sue went on to become a Licensed Massage Therapist, completed a four-year Healing Science program at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing and now teaches Brennan
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Teresa Aramini - Reiki

Reiki Master Teacher
from Reno NV.

Teresa Aramini is a certified and licensed Usui Holy Fire Karuna Reiki
Reiki Master Teacher
from Reno

Master Teacher. She opened Reno Tahoe Reiki in 2011 and is dedicated to helping clients and students alike feel relaxed, refreshed and empowered by her R
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Terry King - Medical Qi Gong

Instructor of Qi Gong and Tai Chi
from Reno NV

Terry King has been a life-long explorer of spiritual practices and gatherer of practical health and self-sufficiency knowledge. Many years ago she studied long form Yang style Tai Chi Chuan but left off and followed a different path while raising a
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Wendy Patrucco - MELT Method

Wendy Patrucco as been in the fitness biz for 30 years. She has taught many forms of group fitness
classes. She noticed that the years of intense physical exercise were taking it’s toll. She suffered withchronic back pain, plantar fasciitis, bone spurs and exercise induced migraine headaches. She s
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