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AWAKE n Networks came into existence from my personal vision of having a place to work with my private clients and to have enough space to teach classes to the public and to other health professionals. My zest for continuing education and love for self growth led to my desire to connect with the community of health and spiritual practitioners and teachers in the Sierras.

The vision of AWAKE n Network has continued to reshape as the needs of the community has been expressed.

Through the year 2015, I met with Practitioners, Teachers and Seekers of Movement, Massage, Medical and Meditation Disciplines to listen to their needs. This is what I heard:
  • Practitioners and Teachers need to be visible to the community. In other words, they need a way to help people find them. As soloprenuers, it is cost prohibitive to try to advertise in the local magazines for any length of time. Plus, the advertising space that is affordable doesn’t provide enough space to educate the public about their skills. Also, seekers want one resource to find their health practitioners and teachers instead of trying to Google each modality separately.
          The online AWAKE n Directories  were created to meet these needs.
  • Practitioners and teachers alike need a resource for local professional CEU classes to fill CEU requirements for licenses and certifications. Students’ state they can’t afford to pay for traveling expenses along with class fees. Students’ state they miss locally taught classes because they lack resources to find them. Teachers state they need to know when to schedule their classes so as to not teach when 3 others workshops are in town.
The online Professionals n Education  Directory was created to meet this need.
  • Local and out of town teachers need a resource to easily find studios that fit their class / workshop needs. Studios need a way to reach teachers to keep their studios filled to sustain their business.
          The online Studios n Network  Directory was created to meet this need.        

The mission of AWAKE n Networks is to provide economical online platforms for health and spiritual practitioners and teachers. These platforms will create support for and help to connect with the Sierra Nevada Communities.

Online Resource Center
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Of Movement - Massage - Medical n Meditation

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